American Towman Magazine
First on the scene since 1977, American Towman is towing's premier magazine, spanning six decades covering America's captains of industry in emergency road service.

Known for its "hard news" approach, American Towman Magazine illuminates the challenges of the towing trade each month with its creative approach to issues critical to a towing operation. AT expands its coverage online with ( and American Towman TV, with a new edition of exclusive news daily, along with articles, and video stories posted every Wednesday.

American Towman connects the industry in print, online, and face-to-face at its trade events with the world's largest tow show, the American Towman Exposition in Baltimore each November; AT ShowPlace-Las Vegas in May; and Tow Expo in San Antonio in August, along wth newly announced Mid-America Tow Show/Towman Games in Cleveland June 17-20. Tens of thousands of towmen and tow-women attend each year to shop suppliers, participate in seminars, and celebrate who they are with their peers.

American Towman captures the hearts and minds of the towing industry, inspired by its readers. It's why American Towman created the first statue to the towing professional, the Towman Monument; the first ballad about a towman, The Road Calls, and the industry's exclusive award honoring a towman's heroism, the American Towman Medal.

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